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TheArthur A.Duncan II, Esq.
TheArthur Anthony Duncan II, Esq. is an attorney in Buffalo, New York.
He was born in Los Angeles, California in 1969 to parents, TheArthur A.
Duncan I and Betty Smith. However, TheArthur was primarily raised in
Buffalo, New York by his grandparents, Reverend James V. Smith and his wife, Mary Jane. TheArthur's grandfather pastored his own church where, TheArthur was very active at a young age. He attended regularly, song inthe youth choir and even served as a junior deacon. He is affectionately called Tony or Tone by close friends and family,as hisfather is known as Big Tony.
In grammar school in Buffalo, TheArthur was always the smartest one in his class and topped the honor roll every year. In 1982 when the schools were integrated in Buffalo and he was bused to a predominately white South Buffalo neighborhood school, he was
voted the first black 8th grade class president. TheArthur left Buffalo
the following year and moved back to Los Angeles to live with his
mother and attend high school. After graduating from high school in Los Angeles and briefly attending college, TheArthur came back to Buffalo tovisit and decided to stay. Thereafter, he began to sell drugs with some childhood friends and was eventually incarcerated for 3 years.Upon his release from prison, he was able to turn his life around; hence the subject of this book.
Subsequently, TheArthur graduated from law school at age 43 in 2012 and was sworn into the New York State Bar in 2013. TheArthur is married to Latisha Duncan and has five children: Frankie, Joi, Isaiah, Lauren and Kimanie. He is also a deacon at First Calvary Missionary Baptist Church and servant leader in the church's Boys 2 Men
mentoring ministry and marriage ministry. In his spare time, he enjoys
spending time with his family, traveling and writing. To God Be the
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